Stay your "home",

Abuden in Kumano

Looking for somewhere you can totally get relaxed during your busy trip?
Here is the best answer.

Abuden is the best homestay-style guesthouse in Kumano for women and families.

Staying in Abuden is much like visiting friend's house rather than staying in hostels.
Visit your friend "Yuko", the owner, who lives in this 90 year-old traditional house.
Once you relax yourself, and then you can come into contact with the "real life" in Kumano through homestay in Abuden. 

Perfect location
-Convenient but Quiet-

  • 10 minutes walk to JR Kumanoshi station
  • 5 minutes walk to the coast Shichirimihama
  • 5 minutes walk to Kumano Kodo (Matsumoto toge pass) old trail
  • 15 minutes walk to Onigajo and Hananoiwaya shrine (the world heritage sites)
  • 5 minutes walk to Lawson store, 15 minutes walk to Aeon supermarket

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Make yourself comfortable

Even though the area is full of famous world heritage sights, you can also choose to get relaxed by staying in the guest room with lots of sunshine or just stroll a bit around the Kinomoto area. Narrow old streets are the entrance to the nostalgic world. Let's get in touch with the "real" local life.

Stroll through narrow and old street to the seafront, enjoy fresh juice of oranges from backyard, shop at local supermarkets and cook with the owner for dinner or enjoy BBQ at the backyard, visit small local Izakaya pubs for a drink, and drift off to sleep in traditional Tatami room with Futon mattress.
Every experience can be a special moment in your trip.

Stay longer, pay less

Abuden hosts only women and families staying more than 2 nights. There is a special offer for staying more than 3 nights. Please refer to below.

A Tatami room with air conditioner at the second floor is only for the guests and the first floor is the common space.
*no smoking in any rooms.

Provided: Towels, wi-fi
Not provided: Pajamas, tooth brush and paste

<< 1 to 2 people>>

10,000 JPY per person for 2 nights (No meal)

<< 3 to 4 people>>

8,000 JPY per person for 2 nights
(No meal) 

Free of charge for the children under 5 years old. 

<<Study Stay>>

 Special offer for researchers and other study project teams.

3,000 JPY/person/night
No meal, minimum 5 nights)
Please feel free to contact us.

 <<Long Stay>> 

3 to 5 nights: 5% OFF
6 to 10 nights: 15% OFF
11 nights and longer up to one month: 30%

<<Special activities for kids>>

There are several activity programs especially for kids and the family by "irokuma kids" which is run by the owner Yuko.
See their website as below. (

Original day activity can be planned by the owner Yuko especially for the guests, please feel free to talk to the owner.

All the programs can be offered in English, Chinese, or Japanese. 

Please check availability by email.



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